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(More than 350 QRP Adventures Complete with Stories and Photos)

Hike to Knox Mountain May, 2014

Cannon Mountain July 2014

The Ledges - September 2014

DX from Knox Mountain - August 2014

-- 20 Mtr CW Marine Mobile on Hermit Lake 2006 --

Perfect Day on the Pemigewasset - May, 2013

Operating the Worked All Germany contest under a canopy of gold - October 2012

Operating from Molokai, Hawaii - December 2012

-- 40 Mtr CW on Rattlesnake Mt. overlooking Squam Lake May 2003 --

-- Discovering the Ledges --

--DX from a Moving Train--

Wilderness area along Pemigewasset River where I often operate portable

- Camping on Squam Lake 2008 -

-Fall ARCI Operating Position-

Articles and Pictures

        Hike to Knox Mtn October QRP at Knox Mountain - October 2022

        Fall Colors from Swains QRP from Swain's Field - October 2022

        The Eddy France from the Eddy - September 2022

        September September on the Pemi - September 2022

        Star Island QRP from the Isles of Shoals - September 2022

        Bumblebee Flight of the Bumblebees - July 2022

        Field Day 2022 Field Day Solar Power - June 2022

        Fall at Knox Mtn Spain and Mexico from Knox Mtn - October 2021

        Fall at the Farm Croatia from Swain's Farm - October 2021

        Fall on the Pemi Early Fall on the Pemi - September 2021

        QCX at the Pemi Sweeden from the River - September 2021

        Railroad Station CWT from Potter Place - September 2021

        QCX Mini DX from Old Hill Village - September 2021

        Three Watts from Hill Village Perfect Day in Old Hill - August 2021

        WSPR WSPR from Johnson Road... Scotland and Hawaii - July 2021

        Low Power from Hawaii 200mw WSPR from Hawaii - June 2021


        Field Day 200 QSOs with a Flashlight Battery - June 2021

        Kite Antenna at the Beach Great Day at the Beach Kite and Solar  - June 2021

        Early Spring on the River First Outing on the Pemi - April 2021

        Fall at Swain's Farm Incredible Color at Swain's Farm - October 2020


        Gold on Shute Hill  Germany and France from Shute Hill - October 2020

        October on Knox Mountain  A Beautiful Hike to Knox Mountain with the KX3 - October 2020

        Fall Hike to Shute Hill  Fall Color and QSO Parties - October 2020

        Bike Ride to the Pemi  40 Acre Field near the Pemi River - September 2020

        Bike Ride to Potter Place  Hungary and Bulgaria from the Old Railroad Station - July 2020

        ARCI Summer Homebrew  Using the K1SWL DSW Rigs for the Homebrew Sprint - July 2020

        4th of July  The 13 Colonies Event Along the Pemi - July 2020

        The Perfect Bike Ride  Beautiful Bike Ride QRP Along the Pemi - June 2020

        Hamlin Forest Hike  South Yorkshire from Wiwas Lake with W3ATB - October 2019

        QRP Afield 2019  QRP Afield from Kezar Lake with K1SWL - September 2019

        Early Fall on the Pemi  England from the Pemigewasset - September 2019

        Early Fall Magic  QRP from the Pemigewasset River - September 2019

        Potter Place Railroad Stn  Bulgaria, Portugal and Slovenia from the Old RR Station - August 2019

        DX From Cannon Mountain  Europe from the Top of Cannon Mountain - August 2019

        QRP from the Garden  Operating the CWT with 3 watts  - July 2019

        Swim at Sky Pond  2-Way QRP from Sky Pond - July 2019

        Perfect Beach Day  13 Colonies Event at the Shore - July 2019

        Canada Day Contest at the Pemi  Bike Ride to the Pemigewasset - July 2019

        Early Spring Dx  Early Spring Bike Ride at Old Hill - May 2019

        Potter Place Outing  First Warm Day with K1SWL at RR Station - April 2019

        Early Fall at Bald Ledge  Bulgaria, Russia and Slovenia from Bald Ledge - October 2018

        Early Fall on the Pemi  SOTA and /MM in Baltic Sea - September 2018

        QRP Afield at Bald Ledge  Greece from Bald Ledge - September 2018


        Ellacoya State Park  France from the Lifeguard's Chair - September 2018

        Bumblebee Sprint from Mt. Kearsarge  Mt. Kearsarge Bumblebee event with K1SWL and W3ATB - July 2018

        Kite Antenna from Rye Beach  Russia and Tabarca Island from the Shore - July 2018

        Trip to the Beach  Perfect day at the beach. QSOs with WI and VA - July 2018

        Bike Ride to Potter Place  Finland and Ecuador from Potter Place Railroad Stn - June 2018

        Beautiful Day in Hill  Yukon Territories from Old Hill - June 2018

        Cookie Sprint  The Cookie Crumble Contest from the Pemi - June 2018

        Trip to Livermore Falls  Working the CWT Sprint from Livermore Falls - May 2018

        Spring on the Pemi  Working W0RW from the Pemigewasset River   - April 2018

        QRPTTF at Wadleigh Park  K1SWL, W3ATB and I work QRP to the Field - April 2018

        Spring at Johnson Road  Jamaica and Slovenia from Johnson Road- April 2018

        DX from Livermore Falls  Early Spring at Livermore Falls - March 2018

        Ashland RR Stn  DX from Snowy Railroad Station with W3ATB - March 2018

        DX from Potter Place  Snowy Outing to Potter Place with W3ATB and K1SWL - February 2018

        QRP from 2 Lakes  Fall Bike Ride to Eagle Pond and Highland Lake - October 2017

        Fall Hike to Knox Mtn  Slovenia and Cuba from Knox Mountain - October 2017

        SOTA from Roundtop  Hike up Roundtop with K1SWL - October 2017

        DX from Rye Beach  Italy, Finland, Hungary, and Cuba from the beach - September 2017

        Bike Ride to Hill  Perfect Fall Day and DX from Old Hill - September 2017


        QRP from Rattlesnake Mtn  QSO with Miquelon from Rattlesnake Mtn - September 2017

        Early Fall on the Pemi  Working the Washington QSO Party from the River - September 2017

        Hike to Knox Mtn  Hungary and Bulgaria from Knox Mtn - September 2017

        Hike Up Wadleigh Road  QRP from Wadleigh Road - August 2017

        Kayak Adventure to Loon Island  QRP from Loon Island with K1SWL - August 2017

        August Afternoon on Shute Hill  France, Russia, and Hungary from Shute Hill - August 2017

        Bike Ride in Old Hill  Slovenia, Germany and Bosnia from Hill - August 2017

        CWT from the Pemi  Bike Ride and a Dozen Stations in the CWOPS Sprint - August 2017

        WAE from the Railroad Station  Nine Countries from the Hill RR Station - August 2017


        Hike to Bald Ledge  Germany from Bald Ledge - August 2017

        QRP and a Swim at Sky Pond  Brazil and Slovenia from Sky Pond - July 2017

        QRP from the Seashore  QRP Beach to Beach QSO with NC - July 2017

        IARU HF Contest in Hill  Latvia, England, Spain and Germany in from Old Hill - July 2017

        Bike Ride in East Andover  England, Greece, and Germany from Bike Trail - July 2017

        Lunch at Forest Lake  2-Way QRP with KE3V from Forest Lake - June 2017


        Bike Ride to Old Hill  Belgium, England and Brazil from Abandoned Village - June 2017

        WPX at Potter Place  DX Gold Mine at Rail Station - May 2017

        Spring Bike Ride on the Rail Trail  Sicily from East Andover - May 2017

        Early Spring on the Pemi  Italy and France from the Pemigewasset - April 2017

        The Pemi is Flooded  Hungary and Ukraine from the Pemi - April 2017

        March on Kezar Lake  K1SWL and I Operate the CWT from Kezar Lake - March 2017


        The First Warm Day  A Winter Ski Trip to the Pemigewasset River - February 2017

        The Last Hoorah  Brazil, France, French Guiana from Bike Trail - November 2016

        Afternoon on Mt Kearsarge  Sunny November on the Mountain with K1SWL - November 2016

        November at Profile Falls  Bulgaria, Madera Island, Czech Republic from the Pemi - November 2016

        The Leaves Are Gone  November Sweepstakes on Shute Hill - November 2016

        Autumn on Shute Hill  Beautiful fall day on Shute Hill... Utah and Panama - October 2016

        Fall at Potter Place  Bike Ride to Potter Place Railroad Station - October 2016


        DX and Blazing Fall Color  Fantastic Day... Bulgaria, St. George Island, Aland Island - October 2016

        Quick Walk on Shute Hill  Beautiful fall day... Italy, France and Cayman Islands - October 2016

        Early Fall on Shute Hill  Hungary, Germany, Cayman Islands and Nicaragua - October 2016

        Little Round Top  A Beautiful Hike and QSOs on 40 Meters - September 2016

        Bike Ride from Profile Falls  Serious DX from the Trail - September 2016

        Autumn in Old Hill  Perfect Day... Africa, Ukraine, Croatia - September 2016

        Bike Ride to 15 Acre Marsh  Brazil from the Trail in Andover - September 2016

        Bike Ride on the Sanbornton Side  NPOTA and SOTA from the Pemi - September 2016

        Bike Ride in Old Hill  DX and Beautiful Day on the Pemi - September 2016

        Late Summer Hike to Shute Hill  2-Way QRP with Georgia - September 2016

        Hike to Bald Ledge  Puerto Rico from Bald Ledge - September 2016

        Hike to the Hay Field  France, Serbia and Russia from Swain's Field - August 2016

        Bike Ride to Potter Place  Corisica, Croatia and Spain from the Railroad Station - August 2016

        August on the River  Summer Bike Ride to the Pemi - August 2016

        CWT Sprint from Shute Hill  DX from the 20 Acre Field - August 2016


        DX from Rye Harbor  Lithuania from the Beach - August 2016

        Bike Ride in Old Hill  Quebec and France from Old Hill - August 2016

        Hike to Bald Ledge  Russia and Slovenia with a Great View - August 2016

        CWT Sprint from Potter Place  Bike Ride to the Old Rail Station - August 2016

        DX from Sky Pond  DX and a Swim at Sky Pond - July 2016

        QRP from the Pemi  Bike Ride Along the Pemi River - June 2016

        Kayak /MM on Hermit Lake  Scotland, Long Island and Oregon with D-Star - June 2016

        Florida from the Pemi  Bike Ride Along the Pemigewasset - June 2016

        Beautiful Day at the Falls  Working Europe from Livermore Falls - May 2016


        3 Watts from Hawaii  Operating QRP from Molokai Hawaii - May 2016

        April in East Andover  DX from the Northern Rail Trail - April 2016

        Early Bike Ride on the Pemi  Beautiful Day on Pemigewasset - April 2016

        DX from Kearsarge  Outing to Mt. Kearsarge - April 2016

        Biking the Pemi Trail  The South Pacific from the Pemigewasset - April 2016

        Early Spring on the Tilton Rail Trail  Balearic Island and Noirmoutier Island from the Rail Trail- March 2016

        Early Spring on Shute Hill  Spain, Italy and England from Shute Hill - March 2016

        Early Spring at Shaw Cove  Hungary and France from Shaw Cove - March 2016

        Early Spring on the Pemi  Russian DX Contest from the Pemigewasset - March 2016

        First Spring Outing  Bulgaria and Germany from Old Hill - March 2016

        December on the Pemi  St. Lucia and France and the Pemi - December 2015

        DX from Hermit Lake  Bermuda, Bahamas, and Venezuela from the Lake - December 2015

        DX from an Old Maple  Late Fall on Johnson Road... Panama and Florida - November 2015 

        Late Fall on the Rail Trail  Panama and Greenland from the Northern Rail Route - November 2015

        Late Fall on the Pemi  Bike Ride in Old Hill Village with KX3 - November 2015

        Gorgeous Day on Knox Mtn  Working W0RW on Pikes Peak from Knox Mountain - November 2015


        A Walk on Johnson Road  Belgium and Ohio from Johnson Road - November 2015

        Fall DX from the Ledges  Morocco, Italy, Belgium from the Ledges - October 2015

        Friday on Shute Hill  Scotland, Venezuela and Tennessee from a Colorful Field - October 2015

        DX from Moving Train Germany, Sweden, San Marino with VIDEO from train - October 2015

        Brilliant Fall Color  England, Russia, Spain, Israel, Denmark from Livermore Falls - October 2015

        Gold on Shute Hill  Late Fall Hike with Color... Russian and Hungary - October 2015

        DX and Peak Color  England and Cuba from Hunkins Pond - October 2015


        CWT Sprint from Bike Trail  Fall Colors and Many QSOs from East Andover - October 2015

        Fall ARCI Contest  Beautiful Color for the Fall Sprint - October 2015

        QRP from the 20 Acre Field  Two October Hikes to Shute Hill - October 2015

        QRP from the North Field  Hike Over Shute Hill to Swain's - September 2015

        Fall Bike Ride in Andover  The Mountain Topper on 40 meters from the Trail - September 2015

        Early Fall in Old Hill Village  Wales, France and Italy from Old Hill - September 2015

        September in Hill Village  Italy Croatia and Spain from Old Hill - September 2015

        Day at the Beach  CWT Sprint from Rye Harbor - September 2015

        Hike to Rattlesnake  2-Way QRP from Rattlesnake Mtn - September 2015

        Hike to Swain's  2-Way QRP from Swain's Farm - September 2015

        DX from Sky Pond  England, France and Czech Rep from the pond - September 2015

        Logging at Knox Mtn  Ukraine, Brazil and Italy from Knox Mtn - September 2015

        Blueberries and CW  The CWT Sprint from Ashland - August 2015

        Cycling in Hill  Ireland from Old Hill - August 2015

        Skeeter Hunt on Bikes  K1SWL, W3ATB and W1PID on a Skeeter Hunt - August 2015

        WAE Along the Pemi  Worked All Europe from Old Hill - August 2015
        Beautiful Bald Ledge  Spain, Bulgaria and Czech Republic from Bald Ledge - August 2015

        August in Old Hill Village  Switzerland, Cuba and Czech Republic from Hill - August 2015

        Ashland RR Fun  QRP from the Ashland Railroad Station - August 2015

        Profile Falls Bike Ride  France and Dominican Republic from Bike Trail - July 2015

        Bumblebees in the Goat Shed  2015 Flight of the Bumblebees - July 2015

        East Andover Bike Ride  Russia, Latvia and Estonia from the Rail Trail - July 2015

        Beautiful Day on the Mountain Nearly Skunked on Cannon Mountain - July 2015

        Summer Day on the Bike  Israel from Old Hill Village - July 2015

        The Maine Shore  DX from Bailey's Island on the Maine Coast - July 2015

        Power Trip  Field Day with 8 AA Batteries - June 2015

        Operating in the Garden  Lots of DX from the Garden on a Spring Day - June 2015

        Kayaking on the Lake  /MM on Hermit Lake with D-Star - June 2015

        The Gorge at Livermore Falls  Russia, Italy and Israel from Livermore Falls - June 2015

        Bike Ride Along the Pemi  Perfect Summer Outing at the Eddy - June 2015

        Hike to Hopkins Pond  England, Spain and Russia from Hopkins Pond - June 2015

        Bridge Abutment on the Pemi  Bike Ride Along the Pemi Normandy and Brazil - June 2015

        Canary Islands from the Pemi  A Second Antenna Test from the Pemi - June 2015

        CWT Sprint from the Pemi  Summer Day Along the Pemi (Antenna Test) - June 2015

        DX from Dyer Brook  Canary Islands from Old Hill Village Road - May 2015

        Windy Afternoon on the Pemi  Bike Ride Along the Pemi NS0TA near Dayton - May 2015

        DX from Mt. Kearsarge  Mt. Kearsarge Outing with K1SWL and W3ATB - May 2015

        Spring Hike to Knox Mtn  Bulgaria and a New York SOTA QSO - May 2015

        Early Spring in Old Hill  Spring Bike Ride Along the Pemi - May 2015

        First Spring Bike Ride  Belgium and Romania from East Andover - May 2015

        Hike to the 20 Acre Field  Slovak Republic from Shute Hill - April 2015
        Spring Hike on Shute Hill  Netherlands and Spain from Shute Hill - April 2015

        The Falls on Old Bristol Road  Germany and Slovenia from the Foothills - April 2015

        Spring Hike to Hill  Bulgaria from Old Hill Village - April 2015

        Early Spring at the Winnipesaukee River  Algeria and the Canary Islands from the Winni - March 2015

        Early Spring at Shaw Cove  California and Slovenia from the Pemi - March 2015

        Early Spring at Larter's  Greece and Italy from Larter's Field - March 2015

        FYBO 2015  Freeze Your Butt Off Event - February 2015

        Franklin Falls Dam  Warm Winter Day at Franklin Falls - December 2014

        Profile Falls in the Rain  England and Germany from Profile Falls - December 2014

        Working SSB and CW  W1JSB and I Hike to Knox Mtn - November 2014

        DSW from Shute Hill  The Leaves Are Gone... the Fun Lives On - November 2014

        Late October on Shute Hill  Curacao and the Netherlands with DSW - October 2014

        The Last warm Day  Italy from New Hampton Hillside - October 2014

        Fall Hike to 20 Acre Field  Greenland from Shute Hill - October 2014

        Early Fall at Eagle Pond  Alaska from the Old Rail Trail - October 2014

        Indian Summer on the Pemi  Tristan de Cunha from the Pemi - September 2014

        Change of Color at Knox Mtn  DX with an MFJ Cub Fall Hike - September 2014

        DX from a Caboose  QRP Afield in a Railroad Caboose - September 2014

        A Glorious Day at the Ledges  Working DX from the Wadleigh Ledges - September 2014

        A Bike Ride Along the Pemi  Cooler Days in Old Hill Village - September, 2014

        DX from the Falls  DX from Livermore Falls in Campton - September, 2014

        DX from Old Hill  Late Summer in Old Hill Village - September, 2014

        Late Summer Hike to Shute Hill  DX and Wildflowers on Shute Hill - September, 2014


        A Trip to the Beach  DX from the beach with a very low antenna - September, 2014

        DX from Knox Mountain  W1JSB and I Hike to Knox Mountain Pond - August, 2014

        Cannon and the Flume  DX from Cannon Moutain and the Flume - August, 2014

        Profile Falls DX Picnic  DX from Profile Falls and the Pemi - August, 2014

        Blueberry DX in Ashland  Judy Picks Blueberries... I Work Russian, Greece and Denmark - August, 2014

        NJQRP Skeeter Hunt  Skeeter Hunt in Hill Village - August, 2014

        Hike to Shute Hill  DX from an Old Hillside Field - August 2014  

        Summer Bike Ride  Hungary and France from Old Hill Village - August 2014

        Cannon Mountain Expedition  Germany from Cannon Mountain - July, 2014

        IARU Contest at Knox Mtn  Lots of European DX - IARU Contest at Knox Mountain - July, 2014

        QRP Field Day 2014  Field Day with K1SWL at Mt. Kearsarge  - June, 2014

        Summer at Knox Mountain  Beautiful Morning Hike to Knox Mountain - June, 2014

        Bike Ride to Old Hill Village  Father's Day Bike Ride to Hill Village - Italy, Belarus, Scotland - June, 2014

        Bike Ride in East Andover  Lots of European DX from East Andover Rail Trail - June, 2014


        Canoeing on the Pemi  Working Brazil, Italy and France from an Island on the Pemigewasset River - June, 2014

        Evening Bike Ride Along the Pemi  A Quick QSOs Along the Pemigewasset River - May, 2014

        Bike Ride in Old Hill  The Road is Flooded - I work Slovenia, Lithuania and Dominican Rep. - May, 2014

        Kayaking /MM on Hermit Lake  D-Star QSOs from the Kayak on Hermit Lake - May, 2014

        Hike to Sky Pond  Netherlands, England, and Belgium from Bald Ledge - May, 2014

        Along the Brook at Knox Mountain  Hiking the Knox Mountain Brook - Italy, Spain and Portugal - May, 2014

        Bike Ride to the Pemigewasset  DX on an early and wet ride along the Pemi - May, 2014

        Spring Hike to Knox Mountain  Ukraine, Italy and Portugal on early hike to Knox Mtn - April, 2014

        Bike Ride to Eagle Pond  Hungary, Israel and Ukraine on a Beautiful Day - April, 2014
        Spring Peepers on Johnson Road  Early Spring Hike - QSOs with Russia and Panama - April, 2014

        Old Hill Village is Flooded  Belgium, Czech Rep, Netherlands during Flood - April, 2014

        Walking on Bare Ground  Iceland, Ukraine, Belgium from the Winnipesaukee- April, 2014

        Early Spring on the Pemi  Russia, Canary Islands, Belgium from Profile Falls - March, 2014

        DX from the Frozen Pemi  Spain, Poland, Germany, Norway from the Frozen River - March, 2014

        Operating in January  Cold Winter Operating at Franklin Dam - January, 2014

        Late Fall in New Hampton  Hiking to the Falls on Blake Hill - November, 2013

        Late Fall at Knox Mtn  The Pond is Frozen - the DX is Hot at Knox Mountain - November, 2013

        Hike to Swain's on Warm Day  Bulgarian DX Contest from Swain's Field - November, 2013

        J88HL on Shute Hill  St. Vincent on 3 Bands from Shute Hill - November, 2013

        Akademik Fedorov  QSO with Russian Research Vessel - November 2013


        Knox Mountain in Nov  Bleak November Day at Knox Mtn - November, 2013

        Shute Hill in October  Late October Hike to Shute Hill QSO with Greenland - October, 2013

        Fall Bike Ride  Gorgeous Bike Ride to East Andover - October, 2013

        Profile Brook  Hike to Profile Brook - Germany Canary Islands and Netherlands - October, 2013

        Indian Summer Hike  Hike Over Shute Hill - Belgium, Morocco and Netherlands - October, 2013

        Two Fall Adventures  Surinam, Ecauador and France at Knox and Rail Trail- October 2013

        River Hike in Bristol  Discovering a New Trail in Bristol - September, 2013


        Hike to Knox Mtn  Beautiful Hike to Knox Mountain DX and Great Pix - September, 2013

        Kite at the Beach  Kite Lifted Antenna at the Beach - Greenland, Greece and Italy - September, 2013

        Hike on Shute Hill  Hike in the Woods on Shute Hill Italy, France, Russia,  and Sardinia - September, 2013

        Short ride to Hill  Short Ride in Hill Village Greece, Poland, Venezuela, and Ukraine - September, 2013

        Hill Village Bike Ride  Hello World! This is Hill Village Calling Poland, Russia, Croatia - September, 2013

        Sept SSB on Pemi  SSB to Italy, Svalbard and Estonia from the Pemi - September, 2013

        River DX  Gorgeous Afternoon on the Pemi... Belgium, Belarus, England - August, 2013

        Knox Evening  Spain and Morocco from Knox Mtn... Beautiful Evening - August, 2013

        Swain's Farm  France and Croatia from a high field at Swain's Farm - August, 2013

        Dyers Crossing  DX from the Bridge at Dyers Crossing - August, 2013

        Shute Hill Hike  England from a summer field on Shute Hill - August, 2013

        NJ QRP Skeeter Hunt  QRP Skeeter contest from Hill Village - August, 2013  

        DX from East Andover  Spain, Paraguay, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg from Bike Trail - August, 2013

        Bike Ride to the Winni  Working Macedonia and Croatia from the Winnipesaukee River - August, 2013

        Working DF1LX  Letter to Peter DF1LX after QSO at Pemigewasset River - August, 2013

        DX from Hill Village  Ukraine, Spain, Belgium and Denmark from Hill Village - July, 2013

        DX from the Winni  Bike Ride to the Winnipesaukee - July, 2013


        Canoeing on Hermit  Canoeing /MM from Hermit Lake - July, 2013

        D-Star DX  Florida and Massachusetts from Hermit Lake - May, 2013       

        Perfect Day on the Pemi  Mexico City, New Jersey and Maryland from the Pemi - May, 2013

        Spring Hike to Knox Mtn  Croatia, UK and Spain from Knox Mountain - May, 2013

        Spring on Shute Hill  Spring Hike to Hunkins Pond - May, 2013

        Spring in Hill Village  Macedonia, Italy and W0RW/pm from Hill Village - April, 2013

        Spring Fever  Russian, Sein Island, Giglio Island and Macedonia from the Pemi - April, 2013

        This Side of the Pemi  Serbia, Hungary, and Portugal from the Pemi - April, 2013

        QRPTTF at Profile  QRPTTF at Profile Falls with N1LT - April, 2013

        Surprising Antenna Test  Full Wave Inverted Vee vs. Half Wave Vertical - April, 2013

        Two Spring Hikes  The Pemi and Johnson Road - April, 2013

        Easter Hike to Profile  England and Germany w/ Video at Profile Falls - March, 2013

        Winni River Hike  Slovenia, Sweden and Russian from the Winnipesaukee - March, 2013

        Pemi River Hike  Italy and Germany from the Pemigewasset River - March, 2013

        That Dam Kite  Belgium and Ukraine from Franklin Dam with Kite Antenna - March, 2013

        First Spring Outing  Early Spring Hike to the Pemigewasset - March, 2013

        DX in the Morning  Around the World for Morning Tea - January, 2013

        Hawaii  Operating from Molokai, Hawaii - December 2012

        Quick Hike to Knox Mtn  Late Fall at Knox Mtn... Spain and W. Virginia- November 2012

        Late Fall at The Ledges  Russia, Netherlands, Czech Republic from The Ledges - November 2012

        Perfect Fall Day on Shute Hill  Worked All Germany under Canopy of Gold - October 2012

        DX from the Old Range Road  Beautiful Fall Day working nice DX - October 2012

        October at Knox Mtn  Falling Leaves at Knox Mountain - October 2012

        Eagle Pond  Bike Ride to Eagle Pond - Germany, France and Lithuania - October 2012

        East Andover in Fall  Bike Ride in East Andover - Russia and England - September 2012

        The Pemi is Dazzling  QRP QSOs by the Pemigewasset River - September 2012

        Hike to Hunkins Pond  Cross Country Hike and QSO with Russia, Finland and Spain - September 2012

        September Hike to Shute Hill  Bulgaria, Bosnia and Cuba on a Perfect Outing - September 2012

        Helicopter in Hill  Helicopter Lands in Remote Field - September 2012

        Afternoon at Knox Mountain  Working Czech Rep, England and a Martime Mobile - August 2012

        Bike to the River  Bike Ride and DX at the Winnipesaukee River - August 2012

        Reflections on the Pond  Early Evening Hike to Knox Mountain - August 2012

        What's a Skeeter Hunt?  1st Annual NJQRP Skeeter Hunt - August 2012

        Hike to Knox Mtn  England, Cuba and Czech Rep. from Knox Mtn - August 2012

        Old Hill Village  Ukraine and Italy from Hill - August 2012

        Popular QRP Event  Flight of the Bumble Bees - July 2012

        Franklin Falls Hike  Spain and Ecuador from Franklin Falls Dam - July 2012

        Hermit Lake /MM  D-Star from Kayak in Hermit Lake - May 2012

        Perfect Day on the River  Switzerland and the UK from the Winnipesaukee - May 2012

        Quick Trip to Knox Mtn  Balaeric Islands and Slovenia in 15 minutes - April 2012

        Bike to Hill  Russia, Slovenia, Hungary England from Hill Village - March 2012

        QRP to the Field  QRP to the Field at Knox Cabin - April 2012

        Jackson Pond  Hike to Jackson Pond Lithuania, Croatia, Italy - April 2012

        Shaw Bicycle  Netherlands, Denmark and W0RW/pm from the Pemi - April 2012

        Bristol Hike  Belarus, Croatia, Sicily from Little Round Top - March 2012

        Bike Trip to Eagle Pond  Guadeloupe from Eagle Pond - March 2012

        Campfire QSOs  Belize and Greenland from the Pemigewasset River - March 2012

        Spring Hike  First Spring Hike to Knox Mtn - March 2012

        DX from the Winnipesaukee  ARRL DX Contest from the Winnipesaukee River - February 2012

        Franklin Falls Dam  Working Sweden, Bosnia and Germany from the Dam - February 2012

        Falling Waters  Late November hike up the Falling Waters Trail - November 2011


        Knox in November  Late fall hike to Knox Mtn. - Portugal and N. Ireland - November 2011

        Shute Hill Hike  Working Germany and Czech Rep. from field - November 2011

        Knox Brook  Off the Beaten Track at Knox Mountain - September 2011

        Andover Rail  Two Bike Rides along the Railroad - August 2011

        WAE Pemi  Worked All Europe from the Pemi - August 2011

        WSPR Gizmo  DX with the W5OLF WSPR Gizmo - July 2011

        FOBB 2011  Flight of the Bumblebees along the Pemi - July 2011

        Great Day in Hill  Bike Ride in Hill - Germany, Russia, Belarus - July 2011

        Hot Day on the Pemi  Balaeric Islands, Ukraine and Italy on the Pemi - July 2011

        Space Stn APRS  Working the Intl Space Station /MM - July 2011

        Knox Mtn in July  Russia and Ukraine from Knox Mtn - July 2011

        Hill Village in July  Russia, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany from Hill - July 2011

        The Pond  The Snow is Gone on Knox Mountain - May 2011

        Early Knox  Early Spring Hike to Knox Cabin - April 2011

        February Cabin  Ski Trip to Knox Mtn Cabin - February 2011

        Sabbaday Falls  Hike to Sabaday Falls with Surprise QSO - October 2010

        Hike to Mountain Pond  Gold on Mountain Pond - October 2010

        Knox Mtn in October  Great Color and DX on Knox Mtn. - October 2010

        Ukraine from the Pemi  Perfect September Day on the Pemi - September 2010

        Early Fall on Knox Mtn  Finland and Belgium from Knox Mtn. - September 2010

        DX from Hill  Perfect Day in Hill Village - August 2010

        Shute Hill in August  DX and Blackberries from Shute Hill - August 2010

        The Pemi in August  Italy, Serbia and Lithuania from the Pemi - August 2010

         Along the Pemi  Early Summer DX from the Pemi - May 2010

        DX from the Pine Woods  Working Europe from the Pine Woods - May 2010

        Bald Ledge SSB  Hanz Works Europe SSB from Bald Ledge - March 2010

        Old Hill Village  Working Europe from Old Hill Village - March 2010

        Spring Trip to the Pemi  Working Turkey from the Pemigewasset - March 2010

        Knox Mtn in March  Early Spring QSO with W0RW/PM - March 2010

        Knox in the Snow  Ski Trip to Knox Mtn - January 2010

        Ice on Hermit Lake  Hermit Lake in February 2010

        The Woods in February  Germany and Spain from the Woods - February 2010

        DX with 5W SSB  Hanz works Switzerland and Croatia SSB from the snow

        An Expedition to the Maine Shore  Attempting Two QRP Records - November 2009

        Knox in November  November Hike to Knox Mtn - November 2009

        Dearborn Pond  Fall Hike to Dearborn Pond - October 2009

        Knox in October  October Trip to Knox Mountain - October 2009

        Pemi Outing  Quick Outing to the Pemi -  Sept 2009

        Fall on the Pemi  Fall on the Pemigewasset River - Sept 2009

        QRP Afield  QRP Afield Sept 2009

        Late Summer  3 Late Summer Outings... lots of color and DX - Sept 2009

        DX from the Pemigewasset  W1JSB and I work DX from the Pemi River - Sept 2009

        Finding Sky Pond  Venezuela from Bald Ledge - June 2009

        Radio from the Lake and the Trail  Hiking, Kayaking, and DX - May 2009

        All America CW from Knox Mtn  Uruguay and Greenland from Knox Mtn - May 2009

        Winter Ski to Knox Mountain  Snowy QRP Adventure  - January 2009      
        DX from a Fish Shack  Operating from Webster Lake - January 2009 
        Operating the Fall ARCI Contest  Fall Hike and Operating - October 2008

        Knox Mountain in the Fall  Two Fall Hikes to Knox Mountain - Oct 2008

        Camping on Squam Lake  Overnight on Moon Island on Squam Lake - June 2008

        QRP at Shaker Village  QRPTTF at Shaker Village in Canterbury 2008

        Spring on Knox Mountain  First Spring Hike to Knox Mountain 2008

        QRP on Ice  Working DX from Hermit Lake January 2008

        Ski Trip to Knox Cabin Winter QRP from the Cabin at Knox Pond

        Adventure on Squam Lake A Canoe Trip to Moon Island

       What's a Microphone? Working 7 Countries QRP SSB in the Field October-2007

       Magic Day in New Hampshire The Fall ARCI Contest 2007 in Full Color

        Fall Hike to the Ledges  Discovering the Ledges and some DX on a perfect fall day

        Working DX from a Moving Train Operating in the Caboose

         Merrimack River Trip Canoing the Merrimack River with AB1AV

        Field Day on the Lake Field Day 2006 /MM

        Flight of the Bumble Bees - 2006 A Hike to Knox Mountain

        Discovering a New Trail Always Bring Your Radio... to the bank.

        Kayak on Hermit Lake Marine Mobile on Hermit Lake

        Knox Mountain Hike A Hike to the Knox Mountain Cabin

        Morse Muff Cold Weather - Warm Hands for CW

        Snow Adventures Cross Country Ski / Radio Adventure

        DX from Frozen Lake Operating from Hermit Lake in February

        QRP on my Windowsill What You Can Do with Almost Nothing

Flight of the Bumble Bees - 2004 Photo and brief description
Pocket HF Radio This is an article for beginners on Portable QRP
Radio Magic Remembrance of Johnny Johnson W1JY
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This is a 40 meter Rock Mite.
300 mw CW